“my oeuvre should be a school of life, perception and sensation.“ - hermann nitsch

Hermann Nitsch, one of the most versatile contemporary Austrian artists, who enjoys global popularity, is an actionist, painter, composer and stage designer. In the 1950s he developed the Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries – a complex body of work: it is derived from the Dionysus cult of classical antiquity and aims to achieve catharsis (purification) as a starting point for self-awareness, the affirmation of being, to live in harmony with oneself and the world. Here the sensitising of the five senses constitutes one major element. Experts from the humanities and cognitive sciences such as theology, mythology, psychology, philosophy, cultural and art studies as well as from the fields of theatre, performance art, actionism, painting, photography, film, music and literature are working on reappraising his oeuvre.

The communication of art in the sense of art education aims to open up age-appropriate access to the complete artwork of this versatile artist for visitors to the nitsch museum and, by addressing all five senses, provide insights into Hermann Nitsch’s artistic technique and the universe of his oeuvre in a dialogue with this year’s exhibition theme.

In the library of the nitsch museum, a large number of publications, film and sound media about the artist have been made available for study purposes.

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