Offers for groups

Offers for groups


Hermann Nitsch was invited by the Bayreuth Festival to provide scenic accompaniment to a concert version of Richard Wagner's “Walküre” in the summer of 2021. For this purpose, the artist has created an extensive painting campaign for each of the three acts. A large part of the resulting works will be on display for the first time at the nitsch museum in the course of the exhibition “Hermann Nitsch – BAYREUTH Walküre” from 10 October 2021.

“wagner has fascinated me all my life. because of this wonderful, indulgent, sensual music, which makes the sound blossom beyond the melody. even in its earliest forms of performance, art was connected with cult, religion and the gesamtkunstwerk. and wagner is the uncoverer of the gesamtkunstwerk. he made it shine.” (Hermann Nitsch)

Our offer for groups
Guided tour through the exhibition HERMANN NITSCH BAYREUTH VALKYRIE
Duration: 60 minutes
Guided tour with admission 12 Euro

Hear colors - paint sounds
Duration: 90 minutes
Admission with workshop 18 Euro

For further information and bookings
t: 43 2572/20719 490


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