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Guided Tours & Workshops 

Art education as part of the exhibition “HERMANN NITSCH – Life and Work” till 26th of April 2020.


Age-appropriate guided tours for school classes are held by qualified art mediators, taking the form of lively debate.

Guided tours 
age-appropriate from the age of 6 years
Duration: 60 minutes
Admission with guided tour 4 Euro

Workshop FarbOrgel
From the many facets of the complex complete oeuvre of Hermann Nitsch we are singling out the visual art and musical components. Also in view of the phenomenon that many people perceive sounds as colours, we want to deal with one of his compositions and his theory of colours and then combine the acoustic impressions with the optical ones to create one single work of art.

6 - 10 years
Duration: 60 minutes
Workshop without admission 4 Euro

Workshop LebensElixier
Real life is life with no boundary between everyday life and art. In his time as a Viennese actionist, Nitsch expressed his view of real life by integrating materials from everyday life into his works of art. Insights into the deep meaning of the used materials are provided. Inspired by a visit to the exhibition, we are creating our own work of art with appropriate materials.

11 - 19 years
Duration: 60 minutes
Workshop without admission 4 Euro

For further Information and bookings
DI Barbara Schuller
t: +43 2572 20719 - 494



For further information and bookings
p: +43 2572 20719 - 494 or

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