FARBWELTEN - Hermann Nitschs picturesque work

FARBWELTEN - Hermann Nitschs picturesque work

Lecture by Dr. Hubert Klocker

09.09.2023, 6 p.m.

Hermann Nitsch began his painting around 1960 with a scream and subsequently developed it into a differentiated tone cluster. Since the late 1990s the characteristic concentration on the color red work has been replaced by the concept of synaesthetic painting. Here at the latest Nitsch's positive revelation manifests itself, his cathartic struggle with the abysses of the human psyche is replaced by the positively ecstatic experience of existence.

Dr. Hubert Klocker, exhibition curator and historian of Wiener Aktionismus, looks for the coordinates of a deeper approach to Hermann Nitsch’s painting.

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