The 6-day play by Hermann Nitsch: Review and Outlook

25.4.2020, 6 p.m.

The 6-day play by Hermann Nitsch: Review and Outlook

Discussion about the practical implementation of the 6-day play

The last event as part of the exhibition “Life and Work” is dedicated to the 6-day play by Hermann Nitsch. The conception and realisation of this Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries performance lasting six days and six nights are the focus of the artist’s total work of art. With his action theatre, Nitsch revolutionised the theatre concept of the 20th century.

In 1998, the 6-day play was first realised in Prinzendorf Castle and led to fierce public controversy and a huge media response. Since then, Hermann Nitsch has been working tirelessly on the realisation of another 6-day play, which is to take place in 2021. During this event, long-standing actors and the artist Hermann Nitsch will talk about their experiences in 1998 and give an outlook on the new realisation planned for 2021.


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