6-Day Play Installation

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Preview Annual Exhibition 2023

‘6-Day Play Installation’ in the Chapel of the Nitsch Museum

The nitsch museum will open a preview of the Annual Exhibition 2023. The preview will be held in the chapel in the museum grounds and the exhibition will be dedicated to the 6-Day Play of the Orgies Mysteries Theatre. 

As requested by the artist before his death in April 2022, the first two days of the second version of the 6-Day Play were realised in Prinzendorf Castle in July 2022. The second version, which was completed shortly before the artist died, will be continued in 2023 and will be accompanied by the exhibition in the nitsch museum. During the preview, works created during the partial realisation of the 6-Day Play 2022 will be on display for the first time. The room installation is the first presentation in the nitsch museum since the artist’s death.
Rita Nitsch will choose the works.


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