Dionysus walk

Dionysus walk

The Dionysus walk is an entry into the work of Hermann Nitsch

The work of Hermann Nitsch is linked to the Greek Mythology and to the landscape of the Weinviertel (Lower Austria). Both connection can be experienced by the visitors on the Dionysus walk. Die experience of the senses (seing, smelling, tasting) connects the landscape of the Weinviertel with mythology and enjoyment and natur with art. The Dionysus walk leads from the parking lot of the museum through the vine field to Heinz Cibulka`s and Klaus Stattmann`s "Weinviertelfries" and back to the museum.

Throughout the whole year, pigs, goats, goos, ducks, chicken and galloway cattle can be seen.

Open throughout the whole year, free entry.
Picknick: € 12/person (more than 2 people)
Booking: Bauernarndt 0043 2572 200485

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