The nitsch museum shop offers a wide range of products, including new products by and on Hermann Nitsch.

- Exhibition catalogues
- Books on the O.M. Theatre 
- DVDs and CDs
- Special editions and prints
- Postcards, tickets and posters
- Stationary, glassware and many other assorted gifts
- Cotton-bags


Catalog Ritual Catalog of the exhibition "HERMANN NITSCH - RITUAL". With texts of Hermann Nitsch, Prof. Elisabeth von Samsonow und Leo Kopp. ed. nitsch museum, 2016. (€ 14,90 incl. VAT)
nitsch and his music  "nitsch and his music", ed. nitsch museum in cooperation with Ö1, 2016, double-cd including an 80 pages booklet (€ 19,90 incl. VAT)
Monography Monography "HERMANN NITSCH - The Gesamtkunstwerk of the Orgien Mysterien Theater", ed. Michael Karrer, Verlag Walther König, Cologne 2015, hardcover, 968 pages, englisch/german version. (€ 68 incl. VAT)
Catalog Life and Work Catalog of the exhibition "HERMANN NITSCH - Life and Work". ed. nitsch museum 2018. (€ 19,90 incl. VAT)
Catalog New Works Catalog of the exhibtion "HERMANN NITSCH - New Works". ed. nitsch museum 2022. (€ 29,00 incl. VAT)
Catalog Bayreuth Valkyrie Catalog of the exhibtion "HERMANN NITSCH - Bayreuth Valkyrie". ed. nitsch museum 2021. (€ 29,00 incl. VAT)

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