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HERMANN NITSCH – Life and Work

The biographical exhibition “Life and Work" will be extended until 26th of April 2020. It enables the visitor to retrace the extraordinary life of Hermann Nitsch in order to be able to recognize connections between his life and his work, and thus to gain new insights about him and his synthesis of the arts. An exhibition about Hermann Nitsch, his life and his work.

Born at the start of the war, he grew up in the post-war years and was convicted several times because of his art. Today the artist is a state prize winner and a celebrated global star. In the biographical exhibition, his extraordinary life not only as an artist but, for the first time, also as a person is being examined.

In the form of a 130-metre long exhibition tour the artist’s career is portrayed and, with the help of key works and original documents, the most important stages of his life are illustrated. The journey through time focuses on Nitsch’s artistic work in the last 65 years and on personal events which had a major influence on his development. The tour is augmented by a 130-metre long frieze above it containing works from the universal artist’s different areas of activity.

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t: +43 1 522 59 39
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The nitsch museum will be closed until 03.04.2020

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