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"Hermann Nitsch died on Easter Monday, 18 April 2022. For 30 years of my life he was my mentor and my inspiration. Every day is a day of resurrection, bathed in the joy of being. This exhibition is dedicated to Nitsch. My entire philosophy and work are a constant dialogue with his work and thought.”
(Andrea Cusumano)

Andrea Cusumano (born in 1973) is an Anglo-Italian international multi-media artist, performer, composer, painter, director, dramatist, author, curator and art director.
In his work he uses a variety of media and crosses boundaries between multiple artistic disciplines. All these components come together to form a coherent intermedia work construct. His work, in this context the artist likes to talk about his experiments and his research, focuses on the dramaturgical potential of objects and space. In the final analysis, Cusumano creates theatre-referenced spatial dramaturgies. The central topics of his work range from death to transcendence to the possibility of catharsis that can indeed be triggered by art. The artistic experiment is complex and multi-facetted, conceptually based on and related to the work of Hermann Nitsch, yet at the same time it is independent, it speaks a significant language and impresses in a very special way.

1 hour / € 4,00 per person (ecl. admisson) / valid from 15 people


Pouring. Art with all senses

Does a picture always have to be painted with a brush? No! With his Schüttbilder (poured pictures), Hermann Nitsch freed his art from the function of depiction. This profound experience of practising art and stimulating all the senses was aimed at the artist's liberation and joie de vivre. After a visit to the exhibition, people themselves pick up the bucket of paint to create a poured picture.

Hearing colours - Paint sounds

The stimulation of the five senses is an important part of Nitsch's creation. Particular attention is paid to synaesthetic perception, the interaction of several senses, that only make it possible to enable the full experience of his total work of art. The Wagner admirer Nitsch let the music of the Valkyrie become colours, and colours and sounds became one. During the workshop, Wagner's music will be implemented in painting.

Duration: 90 minutes
Costs: €8,00 per person / workshop (exl. admission)

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