Sat, 2. March 18:00

Eröffnung der Ausstellung "Andrea Cusumano Raumdramaturgie"

Opening of the exhibition "Andrea Cusumano"

Past event

Opening exhibition "Andrea Cusumano [Raumdramaturgie]"
Retrospective 1993-2023
Sat, 2nd March 6:00 pm
Free entrance

Andrea Cusumano (born in 1973) is an Anglo-Italian international multi-media artist, performer, composer, painter, director, dramatist, author, curator and art director.
In his work he uses a variety of media and crosses boundaries between multiple artistic disciplines. All these components come together to form a coherent intermedia work construct. His work, in this context the artist likes to talk about his experiments and his research, focuses on the dramaturgical potential of objects and space. In the final analysis, Cusumano creates theatre-referenced spatial dramaturgies. The central topics of his work range from death to transcendence to the possibility of catharsis that can indeed be triggered by art. The artistic experiment is complex and multi-facetted, conceptually based on and related to the work of Hermann Nitsch, yet at the same time it is independent, it speaks a significant language and impresses in a very special way.

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