Sat, 31. August 11:00

WORKSHOP Körper Sinne Sein

WORKSHOP Body Senses Being

The Viennese actionists Günter Brus, Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch and Rudolf Schwarzkogler are internationally recognised as pioneers of body art because they used the human body functions directly and unabashedly as artistic material. For the first time, the body became the exclusive the foreground of art as an exclusive medium of expression. Each of the four artists developed their own individual approach in this context.

For Nitsch in particular, the physical and sensual experience of all aspects of life was at the centre of his entire oeuvre. His concept of the Orgies Mysteries Theatre was based on a synaesthetic perception of art, the interplay of several senses, which should lead to a new experience of existence. The use of animal blood, intestines and colour was intended to create immense sensory impressions were to be evoked so that the participants in the play of his actions reached their limits.

In a joint workshop, the newly opened Vienna Actionism Museum (WAM) and the nitsch museum in Mistelbach are offering the exclusive and unique opportunity in collaboration with the artist Guadalupe Aldrete (long-time assistants of Hermann Nitsch) to sharpen the senses and to directly involve one's own body artistically.

Day 1: 31 August, Vienna Actionism Museum (WAM)
11.00-12.30: Interactive guided tour with director Julia Moebus-Puck
12.30-13.30: Lunch break (snacks included)
13.30-16.00: Tamalpa method with the performance artist
Guadalupe Aldrete:
The aim of the workshop is to explore old memories stored in the body stored in the body and to decode cross-generational information. The practical session includes movement, drawing and reflective writing. As facilitator, Guadalupe Aldrete will guide the participants and help them to gain new perspectives and overcome difficult thoughts

Day 2: 1 September, nitsch museum Mistelbach
13.30-14.30: Guided tour through the current exhibition "Jorn-Nitsch"
14.30-17.00: Touch workshop in the sense of a synaesthetic teaching action by
Hermann Nitsch. We will be working with various materials that are part of the Orgien Mysterien theatre. In the process synaesthetic references are derived and images or relics are created.

From 16 years
Costs: 80 euros for both days / 40 euros for one day
Information/booking: or

  •  Weihburggasse 26, 1010 Wien
  •  Waldstraße 44-46, 2130 Mistelbach
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